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about b3madness

B3Madness is an organ trio that aspires to the impressionistic and expressionistic.

The band's goal is to create fresh, new music that always feels 'live', featuring spirited improvisation.

The trio perform Nicole's original tunes and the occassional standard, creating contemporary jazz while reflecting the history of the great organ trios of the past.

Nicole's unusually extensive use of the organ foot pedal bass, learnt in her formative years, gives her dynamic musical flexibility. This makes for a visually exciting and musically entertaining performance.

Tunes can go in different and exciting directions at any point, keeping the musical adventure fresh. B3Madness performances promise immediacy, not the 'expected'.

Supporting Nicole are very experienced musicians - Nicholas Pearce on saxophone

Roy Voogd on guitar and Mark Voogd on drums.

Hammond Jazz trio

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